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I met PuntaNet in the person of Fabio Rapisarda in 2007 when after changing the server and re-wired the company cat.6, I was forced to terminate the relationship with the old systems engineer who later 3 Work weeks had accomplished nothing ... at that point we decided to entrust Rapisarda commissioned to develop our IT system, who after a days work tirelessly managed to get up to speed all stations.

In 2008 comes the need for our company to better manage debt, we turned to the software company that already followed for the management and explained to them our requirement, He made the analysis after three months we were still waiting for a response… disappointed by the result lavished me to put on paper what were our needs, and then present them to a serious programmer to look on the square. When searching, I decide to confront Mr.. Rapisarda who had already given the task of systems engineer, which he is proposed for the realization of the project.

So I decided to give confidence to PuntaNet and entrusted the job that was delivered on time within the stipulated time there. The debt collection software developed by Puntanet is used daily by our company and allows us to easily manage all the process of the practice management, from the first phone call to the customer, printing a reminder letter, all we interfaced with our company management, so we have all the data aligned with the real-time accounting.

Given the results complied, after some time decided to entrust the realization of other software PuntaNet (CRM and Project Management) to improve and streamline internal processes of our company.

In 2012 We decided to create a partnership with PuntaNet for the realization of an ambitious project, create software for Herbalists and Parapharmacies can offer our customers. The project after a year of work has created the software Agora we are distributors in Italy.

In 2013 We entrusted to PuntaNet commissioned to create the final part of our project of renewal that computer was to design the company website. The site development project lasted about a year, has allowed us to create as per our instructions a multifunctional web platform that allows us to manage marketing, the sales network, online orders and all activities related to front-office and back-office business.

My testimony may seem like a biased, but it is not, I preferred to tell the growth path we have taken with PuntaNet based on the seriousness and professionalism of the company. Today the search for a good software house for a company that wants to grow and expand is crucial, equally important is the answer for this is to provide quickly giving the results expected.

That's why I wanted to write my testimony. IO THE COUNCIL! (Fabio Impellizzeri)

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